Hamblen schools receive grants from Utrust

Posted on Saturday, December 14, 2013 at 7:14 pm

Union Heights Elementary School, Hillcrest Elementary and Meadowview Middle School have received a $200 mini grant from Utrust. This award was given to the schools for use by their A-Team and is intended to help fund the Employee Appreciation program in the schools.

Utrust is an organization of school boards in Tennessee that assists school systems in recognizing, supporting and appreciating school employees. It has saved school systems in Tennessee millions of dollars by helping them to manage employment and unemployment issues.

Hamblen County School Board member Roger Greene is also a member of the Utrust Board of Trustees.

“I am glad to see students in Hamblen County schools showing appreciation to school employees who make their lives better every day,” Greene said. “We don’t always have the funds to pay our employees as much as we’d like to pay them but we can be sure to always let them know that we value them and appreciate the work they do. This program helps us do that.”

To qualify for a mini grant, a school must be actively participating in the Utrust Employee Appreciation Program and have a student A-Team to lead in planning and implementing the program in their school.

The Employee Appreciation Program is sponsored by Utrust and is designed to recognize and show appreciation to each school employee on one of eight appreciation days throughout the school year. Student leaders form an A-Team, or appreciation team, that organizes and encourages school wide participation and in general promotes an attitude of gratitude that changes the culture of the schools.

“It is almost impossible to overestimate the difference it makes in a school environment for students to learn to recognize and express appreciation to employees who do things every day to make their schools a better place to learn and work,” Utrust Administrator Dr. Dan Tollett said. “As students become more appreciative, they become more respectful and the morale of employees rises when they feel appreciated.”

For more information, contact Dameron Johnson at 615-452-7761.

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