The March, 1993 super storm / blizzard that paralyzed east Tennessee as well as one-third of the U.S. for several days, will provide the scenario for the JCARES annual Simulated Emergency Test in Jefferson County. The Simulated Emergency Test, known as SET, is sponsored by the American Radio Relay League which is the national association for amateur (“ham”) radio operators. The SET is a scored exercise that measures emergency ham radio communications capability within the community. For the past three years, Jefferson County’s own JCARES has scored first in the “Delta Division” which includes all 95 counties in Tennessee as well as all counties in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. JCARES hopes to do the same in 2013.
The 1993 super storm was chosen by JCARES because the National Weather Service was able to predict the severity of the storm days in advance thus affording communities the opportunity to prepare in advance. Nevertheless, communications were greatly impacted. Motorists were stranded on the highways while residents were unable to leave their homes for days.
JCARES participants (and their call signs) in this years’ exercise will be: Rick Rogers, K4AMT; Jay Hance, KI4OTR; Whit Whitworth, K4PUU; Chris Knight, KK4UFA; Jim Sipprell, W4OBY ; Keith Buenger, KC9IGX; Ava Stamper, KK4MXH; Bob Stamper, K4CFU; Gloria Pritikin, KJ4BHF, Rodney Satterfield, AK4VS; Cody Satterfield, KK4DKJ; Dale Knight, KK4UEZ; Hide Satterfield, KK4EHD, Clark Measels,N4QZK; and Dan O’Donovan,W4DOD.
Other licensed amateur radio operators wishing to participate in this years’ SET should call 865-484-1032 or send an email to: w4dod@arrl.net.

Posted on Friday, November 8, 2013 at 9:12 am