Swimmer’s feat offers lessons to all

Posted on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at 11:03 am

Diana Nyad’s successful effort in swimming across 110 miles of open water to get from Cuba to the Florida Keys says a lot.

It speaks of Nyad’s amazing determination — the swim across the Florida Straits requires overcoming wind, waves, sun, currents, stinging jellyfish and more, and all without benefit of a protective shark cage.

It speaks of Nyad’s commitment — the swim took nearly 53 hours of near-constant exertion.

It speaks of Nyad’s persistence — she first tried this feat in 1978, and success finally came on her fifth attempt.

It speaks, too, of the power of the human spirit. Nyad, after all, is 64 years old and accomplished something she couldn’t do at age 28. After reaching Florida, she said the swim showed that “we should never ever give up” and “you’re never too old to chase your dreams.”

Those are powerful lessons for anyone at any age.

-Omaha World-Herald

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