Vifan partners with MUS, TVA to become more energy efficient

 Vifan USA, a manufacturer of durable plastic film for packing and shipping, is using electricity more efficiently and saving money at its Morristown plant by teaming with Morristown Utility Systems and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

 Vifan has refitted lighting systems at its 300,000-square-foot Morristown facility through the EnergyRight Solutions for Industry Program offered by TVA and Morristown Utility Systems.

 The facility replaced 432 highintensity lights, each rated at 400 watts, with high-efficiency linear fluorescent fixtures that provide the same amount of light but use about half as much energy.

 The upgrades are expected to save more than two million kilowatt hours annually and save Vifan more than $120,000 each year in power bills.

 In addition to the energy savings, Vifan received a cash incentive from TVA and Morristown Utility Systems of $161,000 for its energy efficiency efforts.

 “We are pleased to support energy efficiency programs that allow our customers to operate more efficiently. Vifan is a valuable part of our community and their success is important to us,” Jody Wigington, Morristown Utility Systems General Manager, said.

 TVA’s EnergyRight Solutions for Industry offers 10 cents per kilowatthour on first-year savings or 70 percent of project cost, whichever is less, to program participants for approved energy efficiency projects.

 Eligible industrial facilities must have a contract demand of greater than five megawatts and be served by a participating power company.

 Energy efficiency helps keep rates low, reduces costs associated with meeting consumer demand, conserves natural resources and produces zero emissions. TVA gave thanks Vifan and Morristown Utility Systems for their leadership and support of energy efficiency in East Tennessee.

 According to TVA, energy efficiency, which is supported by TVA’s Integrated Resource Plan energy roadmap to 2030, is among the cleanest and lowest cost, long-term expansion options available to help TVA achieve its vision for more low-cost, clean energy. TVA’s EnergyRight Solutions offers a broad portfolio of new and innovative energy efficiency initiatives for homes, business and industry.

 In 2010 and 2011 combined, TVA’s energy efficiency programs reduced electricity consumption in the Tennessee Valley by 765 gigawatthours. In 2011 alone, TVA achieved a 559 gigawatt-hour reduction — a 270 percent increase over 2010.

 Total energy savings for the two years equals enough energy to supply almost 50,000 households for a year.

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Posted on Monday, December 17, 2012 at 12:06 pm