Mike Hamilton speaks on Blood: Water Mission at Carson-Newman College

Posted on Friday, December 7, 2012 at 12:08 pm

Founded by Grammy award winning band Jars of Clay, the goal of Blood: Water Mission is to promote community awareness and raise funds to provide water filters to communities lacking clean water.

 “You’re never too young to create change or be on a mission,” Hamilton said.

 Hamilton joined Blood: Water Mission in 2009, after adopting three Ethiopian children, including a daughter who is HIV positive.

 “You have to ask yourself, what is your Ethiopia?” he said.

 Dr. Chad Hartsock, C-N associate professor of religion and member of C-N’s worship planning team, said Hamilton’s visit helped expose students to opportunities for outreach.

 “The goal is that, by bringing these organizations in, students will go out after they graduate, inspired to make a difference.” Hartsock said. “We want to give students outlets to get involved. This is our attempt to get students to look outside of Jefferson City at the bigger picture,” he said.

 Carson-Newman College recently hosted Mike Hamilton at a chapel service.

 The former University of Tennessee athletics director, who held that position for eight years, is also the president of engagement for Blood: Water Mission.

 Blood: Water Mission is an organization that works with African communities to provide clean water and fight the HIV/ AIDS crisis.

 On Tuesday, Hamilton shared with students the story of Blood:

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